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EMG EMG-SA Set - Black

Three SA Series Strat Pickups Pre-wired

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The most popular system for Stratocaster* type guitars combines the best features of the early Strat* sound with added midrange response and higher output. Its "bell like" ringing harmonics and increased sustain give the EMG-SA greater versatility than normal single-coil pickups. Single pole alnico magnets help deliver classic overdrive with smooth midrange distortion, while still retaining the familiar high end of a single-coil pickup.

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cables (3), prewired control set including volume, 2 tone controls, 5-way selection switch (black & white knobs), output jack, and battery clip, screws & springs.

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Traditional single coil pickups have great tone, but along with those beautiful highs you usually get a big dose of hum and buzz. The noise changes as you move under stage lights or in the studio. Add even a moderate length cord, and the crystalline shimmer turns to mud.

EMG single coil pickup systems solve these problems. With internal shielding and an independent preamp in each pickup, you get great tone over a background of silence. The low-impedence preamp also gives you a higher output level so that all your tone makes it to your amp. Vacuum sealed coils reduce squeals and other microphonic effects.
EMG's exclusive Tone Modeling® technology allows us to carefully shape the tonal response and sensitivity for added definition and crisp attack.

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