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PCDJ Scratch

Spin MP3s like Vinyl!

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PCDJ scratch was created during research and development on our current VRM technology. Various concepts of a vinyl interface for PCDJ have been researched with a goal to improve above and beyond the current offerings to the modern DJ. PCDJ will be making Scratch available to our ever growing customer base of PCDJ users worldwide
We Stand Alone or Plug-in

PCDJ Scratch, like our Karaoke product, comes as a complete stand alone product to load on your computer. The stand alone version will offer the powerful features in the PCDJ FX record case. The user will be able to sort, organize, search and create waitlists along with ripping with PCDJ’s easy to use active recordcase. For those who have FX, Scratch will plug-in as an additional VRM. It appears in FX as 2 additional media players that can be used in conjunction with FX’s two standard players. So, for those DJ’s who still love the feel of vinyl under their fingertips, PCDJ scratch will bridge the gap. This truly gives the DJ the hand on vinyl feel and power and features above and beyond anything that has hit the market today.

WAX to MP3

The vinyl technology has been designed with new levels of analog to digital conversion that secures the bridge with confident reliability. Unlike other systems which employ "timecode" on vinyl, PCDJ Scratch vinyl records contain specially modulated physical location stamps . As the needle traces the groove, PCDJ Scratch software is able to listen to the sound coming from the turntable and tell instantly the physical position of the needle on the surface of the record. These multiple channel location stamps make sure the communication between the vinyl and the PC is double accurate and correct. What this means is if your vinyl starts wearing there is a failsafe in place to make sure you don’t skip a beat.


There are approximately 155 totally unique physical position stamps per rotation of the record. To give you an idea of the latency, this means that PCDJ Scratch software reads a new physical position stamp every 12 milliseconds when the record is played at 33-1/3 rpm. The audio’s frequency is actually changed as low as 3 milliseconds.

PCDJ Scratch will work with any other turntable to PC interface that currently exists on the market. PCDJ Scratch supports ASIO, WDM and Kernel driver. Please check the system requirements.

PCDJ Scratch System Requirements:

1Ghz Intel Pentium/AMD Processor
256mb RAM
Soundcard with 2in(stereo)/2out(stereo) WDM, ASIO and Kernel supported,
2 Turntables that output to Line Level or 2 Phono Preamps.
32mb 4xAGP Video Card

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PCDJ Scratch is a boxed product and Includes 3 pieces of "time stamped wax" It will be available for shipping February 2004 and is physical shipment only. Delivery will be on a first come first served basis. Only 200 units are being produced on this first batch.

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