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Arturia Moog Modular V

Moog Modular V

Virtual Moog Modular Synthesizer Software

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Technical comments on the Moog Modular V by Gilles Pommereuil, Arturia's Director of Technology & PO
Arturia, the makers of Storm, is proud to offer Moog Modular V (the V is for "virtual"), a faithful reproduction, both in sound and look, of one of the most famous synthesizers of all time: the Moog Modular. Fully endorsed by Bob Moog, Moog Modular V offers sound design possibilities that allow nearly unlimited creativity – just like the original hardware unit.
• 9 oscillators (921 Moog series)
• 2 dedicated LFOs
• 3 filter slots can be chosen among classic Moog 904 series (low-pass 24 dB, high-pass 24 dB, filter coupler), and an additional 20 dB multimode filter (7 modes)
• 1 noise generator (white and pink - 923 Moog module)
• 6 ADSR auxiliary envelopes (911 Moog module)
• 2 VCAs (with their own envelopes, and 1 panoramic potentiometer for natural stereo effects)
• 16 auxiliary VCAs with modulation inputs
• 1 sequencer (3x8 steps - 960 Moog module)
• 1 filter bank (14 bands with their own bandwidth)
• 1 stereo delay
• 1 chorus
• Mono/polyphonic (up to 64 voices)
• Stereo synthesizer
• Absolutely pure and top quality sound (aliasing-free), just like the original Moog sound

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MPN: 210301

Isao Tomita, a famous Japanese musician who has endorsed only 2 other products in the past: Yamaha Motif and Steinberg Nuendo, had this to say about Moog Modular V:
"I feel very nostalgic when I see this revival - both in sound and look - of the Moog modular synthesizer which I have used regularly for years. The interface using patch cables is gorgeous and the sound is just what it should be.
I am also glad to find people who do their best to reproduce that Moog moduler system by using digital technology, with passion for the Moog modular synthesizers.
To you, folks at ARTURIA I will be looking forward to receiving your future innovative products.
For the new generation, I would like to say, please take the time to challenge the sound design which was for me quite painfull sometime. And discover the unparallell possibilities of this awesome piece of Software."

Moog Modular V comes loaded with more than 400 presets made by a selection of the world's most famous sound designers including:
• Hideki Matsutake, Sound-designer of Yellow Magic Orchestra and President of the Japanese Synthesizer Association
• Celmar Engel, Producer for such groups and artists as Eurythmics, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Halliday
• Katsunori Ujiie, Composer, President of Idecs Music Consulting and Sound designer for such products as Yamaha DX7, VL1, Motif
• Wally Badarou, Musician, producer and sound-designer for Island Record. As a producer he has collaborated with such artists as Robert Palmer, Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull
• Michel Geiss, Producer and Mastering Engineer for top artists including Jean-Michel Jarre, Trust, Patrick Bruel
• Jean-Michel Blanchet, composer and sound-designer, formerly with the Jaia group, he is now Arturia's sound designer
• Mateo Luppo, Sound-designers for different artists in Europe

Arturia's Modular system can be used as stand-alone software (Windows and Mac OS X) or as a virtual instrument in VST (Windows, Mac OS 9/X), DXi, MAS, RTAS (Windows, Mac OS 9/X), and HTDM (Mac OS 9/X) formats. Required minimum configuration

PC / Windows: Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, 128 Mbytes RAM ; 500 Mhz processor
Mac OS 9: Mac OS 9.x, 128 Mbytes RAM ; 500 Mhz processor
Mac OS X: Mac OS X.2 or higher, 128 Mbytes RAM ; 500 Mhz processor

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